Blackpool Fulfilling Lives clients have been developing self-esteem and confidence through a creative and therapeutic activities group.

The regular ‘Monday Club’, which has been running since July, provides a creative outlet.

Participants are encouraged to try their hand at art, writing, photography and horticulture — and the club been unleashing some hidden artistic talents!

Group members have built up their self-esteem and confidence, and well as boosted their wellbeing.

During their creative activities, clients are sharing life stories and experiences, offering each other words of advice and encouragement, acting as an invaluable support network.

Group members have developed a number of valuable skills, including team working, planning, discussing creative proposals, and taking initiative.

The Monday Club also serves to encourage clients’ input to Blackpool Fulfilling Lives, as part of our ongoing commitment to championing expert citizenship.

The club draws on service users’ valuable lived experience by consulting their views and gaining their contributions on projects such as social media and marketing materials.

Amongst the group’s core members are Mark, a BFL client facing problematic substance misuse – who is also a talented singer songwriter. Mark’s BFL keyworkers discovered his love of music and built up his confidence, encouraging him to attend the club. He has now written several songs for the group and even played a gig. Mark has recently begun to share with group members that he’d to make a change for the better, explaining that music is more important to him than drugs.

Wayne, meanwhile, has written several poems for the club. Having been released from prison two weeks prior to joining the group, Wayne now volunteers with BFL.

Member Gary is in recovery and initially found the club a challenge due to severe social anxiety. Twelve weeks on, Gary now volunteers for both BFL and Camerados. During the club he helped create a series of postcards. He’s now part of a self-employment scheme and recently went on his first date in several years.